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    The need to remain competitive and agile is compelling retailers to adopt new solutions to meet the changing demands and expectations. The pandemic has exacerbated such a need for technological transformation to provide customers with the best retail experience. Migration to Cloud Infrastructure offers retail solutions, cloud services, insights, and agility to the retail industry so that it can satisfy its customers at every touchpoint. With cloud infrastructure, your retail industry can focus on real-time insights rather than maintaining legacy systems. As experts in cloud migration and managed cloud services, we can help you switch to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to cut down your operating costs, provide a premium customer experience and maximize profit margins.


    Transform and Grow your Retail Business Using Oracle Cloud Services

    • Oracle provides a seamless in-store and online customer experience: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) helps the you deliver a consistent omnichannel customer experience by enhancing operations across e-commerce, order management systems, and point-of-service.

    • Attract and Retain Customers: OCI marketing solutions help you convert browsers to buyers. Oracle marketing suite is your one-stop destination that personalizes all your customer communications, helps you stay at the top of customer demand and expectations, and builds brand loyalty. In this modern time, customers want retailers to personalize their advertisements. With Oracle and its POS functionality, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

    • Optimize your inventory: OCI helps you define your product assortment, placement, pricing, promotions, and product lifestyles to improve profitability and customer satisfaction.

    • Maintain compliance: OCI solutions help you adopt ethical and sustainable supply chain practices. You can manage your product’s lifecycle by configuring, validating, scheduling, and tracking all your product development and management processes.

    • Simplify retail operations: OCI provides retailers a cloud infrastructure platform that helps strengthen their merchandising core, improve the efficiency of their warehouses, optimize the visibility of the inventories and integrate customer data to provide actionable insights for making decisions more efficiently.


    Retail Industry Cloud Success Stories



    EZCORP's IT Team is now able to scale its efforts and provide better services to its internal customers by leveraging the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and its automation and tooling.

    Any questions for the Oracle Retail experts?      

    Any questions for the Oracle Retail experts?

    As reliable partners of Oracle Cloud, Astute Business Solutions is here to help you migrate your operations to the cloud with minimal risk, maximum security, and privacy, thereby, ensuring the best performance.

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