EZCORP - Lift and Shift PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

EZCORP is a leading provider of pawn loans and consumer loans in the US and Mexico.

  • The Challenges
  • The Solution
  • Results Delivered


Focus on Core Services

EZCORP was looking for an accelerated path to Cloud as part of its corporate initiative to move its entire data center to OCI. This included their POS systems used in over 500 stores as well. without risk or changes.

  • Get out of the data center business

  • Focus on core business - payday loans and pawn services

  • Reduce TCO across the entire IT portfolio

  • Accommodate Finance Quarter-End and HR Payroll Calendar Constraints


Reduce IT Operational Overheads and Improve Performance

EZCORP was looking for a partner with PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud deployment experience. Critical to the migration was deploying PeopleSoft applications as-is without risk or changes. EZCORP was looking for a collaborative model wherein their in-house team of experienced engineers would help with cloud deployment whereas Astute contributed the Microsoft SQL Server database and PeopleSoft expertise. 

  • Accommodate Finance Quarter-End and HR Payroll Calendar Constraints

  • Preserve integrations with other EZCORP and third-party apps while moving to Cloud

  • Manual lift and shift due to older PeopleTools 8.53 version for HCM and FSCM 9.2 apps

  • Moving from a physical to a virtual architecture on OCI with MSSQL Server



Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

After evaluating services from AWS, Azure, and Oracle, EZCORP chose OCI as its solution to migrate its entire data center to Oracle Cloud. 

  • OCI IaaS - network, compute, storage, virtualization

  • OCI PaaS - Data Lake, Oracle Management Cloud

  • OCI Cloud Security, firewall, security lists, route tables


Lift and Shift of PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 and HCM 9.2 on Oracle Cloud

After evaluating services from AWS, Azure, and Oracle, EZCORP chose OCI as its solution to migrate its entire data center to Oracle Cloud. 

  • Conducted a Cloud Assessment to create a detailed project plan for Lift & Shift of PeopleSoft and Hyperion applications

  • 6-week migration for PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 and FSCM 9.2 each to OCI

  • Defined the cloud deployment architecture for production and non-production applications

  • Hybrid cloud solution with integration to on-premise and third-party sites

  • Automated nightly refresh for both PeopleSoft production applications 



Zero Disruption

With thorough planning and coordination, Astute and EZCORP were able to achieve a successful outcome on OCI wherein it was seamless to their business users. 

  • On-Time, Within-Budget Project

  • Zero Disruption to Business

  • Improved Performance

  • Reduced TCO


Cloud Architecture, Cloud Monitoring, Automated Maintenance

EZCORP's IT Team is now able to scale its efforts and provide better services to its internal customers by leveraging the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and its automation and tooling. 

  • Automated and scripted IT Infrastructure deployment, scale-up/down, and tear down with Terraform, Ansible, and bash

  • Hybrid cloud architecture with Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud

  • Successfully migrated Oracle and Non-Oracle workloads, including EZCORP POS system for all its stores

  • Implemented Data Lake on Oracle Cloud with multiple Oracle and Non-Oracle data sources

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DR on Cloud


Real-Time Replication

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