Why are Higher Education Institutions Migrating to the Cloud?


Moving to the cloud is the first step in developing a strong digital foundation. Today’s students want online access to everything and take advantage of online learning solutions and communication technologies to work on and off campus at all hours. Here are the statistics that represent the need for cloud migration.

  • 95% of undergraduate students have a laptop and a smartphone. Plus, 66% have a laptop, smartphone, and tablet as well.
  • In this era, 50% of modern students are not from the traditional age group of 17 to 21 years old.
  • There are 82% of students are more inclined towards a blended learning environment.
  • According to 78% of students, technology-based courses are more meaningful to them.
  • Cloud services adoption has potentially reduced IT overhead costs by 30% to 40%.
  • 71% of companies said increasing the speed of IT service delivery was one of the primary reasons for their cloud migration.
  • Around 70% of worldwide businesses experienced disruption in operational and financial performance due to abnormal weather.

Cloud services have redundancy built into them, allowing you to recover from hardware failure or major weather events that could damage your data center. Discover how Astute and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help you scale to higher ground and do incredible things in the cloud!


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