Why Disaster Recovery as a Service?


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers the best price/performance ratio for Disaster Recovery solutions, not just for Oracle workloads but for general-purpose Linux and Windows-based workloads, as well. Customers can implement a fully tested solution on OCI that is 50% less expensive than comparable on-premise solutions, is 100% automated to maintain and test, and is secure and audit-compliant. Learn more about 24x7 uninterrupted service on Oracle Cloud.

Let’s discover the reasons for choosing disaster recovery as a service.

  • Customers will get control over availability instead of cost.
  • Disaster recovery solution by Oracle Cloud will ensure faster RTO and RPO with dynamic provisioning.
  • It helps in the effective management of infrastructure, testing, and SLA.
  • Bypass overhead costs with a fully managed Cloud Disaster Recovery solution.
  • It enables customers to be quick with automated testing and maintenance of DR.
  • With air-gapped DR, customers will be protected from ransomware and malware attacks.
  • It ensures zero data loss and custom SLA based on your business requirements.
  • Oracle Cloud DR helps with the fast failover of mission-critical applications.
  • It allows the deployment of a specific part of the on-premise cost and scale-up when you need it.
  • Customers will get zero downtime and minimal overhead costs through the implementation of DR on the cloud.
  • Regarding time to set up, it will require a few hours for simple workloads and days for complex workloads.
  • It offers increased availability and fault-tolerant solutions over worldwide networks.
  • Oracle Cloud DR provides complete immunity from all kinds of on-premise software and hardware failures.

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