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Increasing AWS Costs

Astute is an early adopter of public cloud infrastructure and we created our Cloud-First Initiative in 2013. The AWS services that we had were not easy to manage and were not cost-effective. 

  • Reduce Cloud TCO

  • Reduce Operational Costs

  • Increase Automation


Lacked Lifecycle Management Automation

While we made an early move to deploy our own internal PeopleSoft Dev/Test and Sandbox instances on the Cloud using Amazon Web Services, we did not see the reductions in cost associated with deploying, managing, and upgrading these instances on Amazon Web Services Cloud.

  • High-availability

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Cloud Infrastructure SLA

  • Infrastructure stability, performance

  • Ease of maintenance, patch/fix



Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is purpose-built for PeopleSoft workloads, which suited Astute well because our primary workloads were for PeopleSoft product development, prototyping, and sandboxing projects. 

  • Automate DB create, maintain and backup tasks with OCI DbaaS

  • Lift and Shift 25 PeopleSoft instances As-Is from AWS to OCI


Lift and Shift PeopleSoft from AWS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Since Astute was already invested in AWS, that became our point of reference and our primary comparison. Although AWS was the market leader then, they were not able to offer any advantages to Oracle Partners like Astute that are deeply committed to Oracle applications and technologies. Astute needed something more than just an Infrastructure as a Service provider. We needed product expertise to back it up, especially Oracle products, which we got with the OCI solution. 

  • Lift and Shift 25 PeopleSoft instances of FSCM 9.2, HCM 9.2, CS 9.2, and Interaction Hub (Portal) 9.2 to OCI

  • Configure automated backup solutions on OCI for PeopleSoft

  • Install and configure PeopleSoft Cloud Manager apply PeopleTools patches and upgrades

  • Use Oracle Database Cloud Service to automate DB patching and backups



Low TCO, High Performance

Being an Oracle PeopleSoft consulting partner, Astute was mainly looking for ways to improve performance and increase productivity by moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and we are happy to say that we realized both. 

  • Improved operational efficiency 

  • 90% faster deployment

  • Reduced TCO by 30%

  • Expanded Oracle relationship


Oracle Database Cloud Service, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

Astute's team of PeopleSoft and Cloud architects are spending less time maintaining and supporting our internal PeopleSoft application instances and more time using them with OCI IaaS and PaaS services to create new solutions that benefit our customers. We have now achieved 100% automation for PeopleSoft migration,  PeopleSoft deployment, and PeopleSoft maintenance on OCI. 

  • 90% less time is taken for new instance PeopleSoft PUM Image deployments by using OCI Marketplace images

  • 90% less time is taken for PeopleTools maintenance by using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

  • Over 1000 hours a year freed up to work on Chatbots, Analytics Cloud, Integration Cloud, and Autonomous Database

  • Oracle Cloud certification and specialization achieved for IaaS and PaaS services


Transforming Astute Business Solutions,

So That We Can Help Our Clients Transform


Reduced TCO


Higher Performance


Faster installs


Higher Productivity

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