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The Challenge


Reduce Overhead Costs and TCO

As part of an organizational-wide move to Cloud initiative, Dynata sought a Cloud hosting solution for its PeopleSoft FSCM application. They needed to keep read-only access for their PeopleSoft application so users could validate all historic transactions Decreasing their infrastructure support was also as equally important as their cloud strategy.

  • TCO
  • Overhead costs
  • Time to implement

Outdated and Unsupported Infrastructure, Business Continuity

Running PeopleSoft FSCM application on an outdated version of PeopleTools which was installed on an OS that was no longer being supported (CentOS and Windows 2008 R2). The ability to provide a secure and recoverable IT environment was critical to the project. Business continuity for users around the globe was also a concern.

  • Data security
  • Need for a highly available infrastructure
  • A solid disaster recovery plan

The Solution

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Astute Business Solutions' Oracle Cloud Infrastructure-based Managed Service solution was chosen for migrating Dynata's PeopleSoft application to OCI. Using RackWare's RMM software as a service, Astute and RackWare were able to provision and sync as-is from on-prem PeopleSoft to OCI in record time.

Rackware RMM for rapid PeopleSoft Lift and Shift to OCI
OCI IaaS - network, compute, storage, virtualization
OCI Cloud Security, firewall, security lists, route tables

Accelerated Lift and Shift, Cloud Migration, Disaster Recovery

With RackWare's success record of helping over 400 enterprises migrate, protect, and manage data in the cloud the Astute/RackWare partnership was the perfect solution for this project and played a major role in completing it on-time and within budget. With RackWare RMM, Astute completed the migration in less than two weeks. Astute provisioned the infrastructure on OCI, migrated the Dynata database using RMAN export/import, and performed the lift and shift PeopleSoft App/Web/Scheduler VM’s automatically from on-prem to OCI.

Fast deployment of OCI using Terraform
Accelerated PeopleSoft migration using Rackware
Protected PeopleSoft workloads through backup and disaster recovery, and managed multiple physical, virtual, and cloud environments on a single pane of glass.

The Benefits


Reduced TCO and Overhead

Dynata has users across the globe in multiple time zones. They include countries from APAC, Europe, Australia, and North America. Users access OCI PeopleSoft Applications from the Phoenix OCI Region/Data Center. Having an automated, scalable cloud solution was exactly what Dynata was looking for.

  • Move PeopleSoft out of the data center into a Managed Service model
  • Eliminate hardware refresh costs
  • Predictable cost model for long-term PeopleSoft support and maintenance


Agility, Security, Modern Infrastructure

The lift and shift of PeopleSoft to OCI have increased performance by up to 50% and saved Dynata up to 30% in cost as compared to on-premise infrastructure. Having their infrastructure hosted on OCI has allowed Dynata to focus on other initiatives focused on growth. As a Managed Service Provider, Astute completely manages all aspects of the PeopleSoft infrastructure and all administrative and maintenance tasks. infrastructure, technical support, and help desk.

  • SLA-based 5-Year support model for PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 applications
  • Help desk for technical support
  • Predictable and reliable maintenance schedule to keep PeopleSoft and the underlying infrastructure secure in the Oracle Cloud

Doing the right thing, at the right time.


Lower Cost


Better Performance






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