Astute Business Solutions' Strategic Approach to HCM Transformation at Takeda

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    Takeda, a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, recognizes the need for a comprehensive HCM strategy to navigate challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities.

    In this blog, we delve into Astute Business Solutions' innovative approach to HCM transformation at Takeda, utilizing a 12-week process involving questionnaires, interviews, and forum discussions with project teams, stakeholders, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).


    The focus areas included:

    • Organization structure, skills, roles and responsibilities
    • Current HCM Implementation
    • Integrations, Enhancements, Architecture/Sizing, etc.
    • Performance and Efficiency - identifies key performance indicators, refines processes, and introduces efficiency measures. The goal is to create an HCM system that not only meets but exceeds performance expectations.
    • Training, Knowledge, and Documentation - Astute develops a comprehensive training program tailored to Takeda's unique needs. This includes documentation of best practices, user guides, and knowledge-sharing forums to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing proficiency.

    Astute started with understanding Takeda’s goals of validating their current HCM technology, build an overall framework, and build a robust action plan.


    The scope of this comprehensive assessment included:

    • Validate Existing HR Technology InvestmentsM
    • Create a Baseline and Identify Pain Points, Strengths, and OpportunitiesM
    • Diagnose People, Process, Technology, and OperationsM
    • Identify Intersecting Initiatives and Enhance CollaborationM
    • Build an Overall Framework for AlignmentM
    • Design a 3-Year Strategic and Tactical Action PlanM
    • Create a Tactical Launch Plan with Prioritizations and PhasesM

    Implement a Robust HCM Strategy

    Astute can help you implement a feature-rich HCM strategy that is optimized for performance and efficiency.


    Astute took a phased iterative approach and broke down the scope into 4 major components - people, process, technology, and operations.

    • People -

      Meet with Stakeholders, PMO, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and conduct detailed interviews by process area, aiming to uncover insights into workload, existing workflows, and pain points. Then Astute meticulously reviews the responses gathered during interviews and analyzes existing documentation. Astute evaluates the current skill set within the organization, identifying gaps and areas for improvement.

      The recommendations include Skills and Competency Enhancements and People Requirements for Tactical Plan Actions.

    • Process -

      Review Takeda’s HR business processes and SAP specific processes and conduct an in-depth analysis of Takeda's standard processes, identify non-standard processes, whether manual, de-coupled, or workarounds. Astute clearly communicated the interview schedule and data requests to stakeholders to identify gaps, enforcement challenges, adoption issues, and cross-departmental roles.

      The recommendations include proposing optimal processes and solutions based on the current state, anticipating future needs, and offer best-practice alternatives where applicable.

    • Technology -

      Review deployment history and usage, software configuration, design and documentation of customizations and enhancements within the technological framework. Assess the current system sizing and configuration, integration points, modified processes, non-standard deployments, gaps, and unused features.

      The recommendations include best practices-based initiatives for technology adoption, maintenance, use, and configuration that are scalable, applying to Takeda's current and future technological states.

    • Operations -

      Review Help Desk and Levels 2-3 Support Processes, Self-Help Portals and Knowledge Repositories and Current Service Delivery Model: Analyze the existing service delivery model to identify strengths and areas for improvement to analyze the current state to identify operational gaps, pain points, existing workflows and approval processes. Assess the current service delivery model for its efficiency, responsiveness, and alignment with operational goals.

      The recommendations include the best practices based policies and procedures for change control, migrations, documentation, quality control, learning, and service delivery model.

    Well-Planned and Detailed Approach

    We help you bridge the gap in your HCM system and get maximum returns from it.


    Astute Business Solutions' 12-week journey with Takeda exemplifies a commitment to strategic and collaborative HCM transformation. By employing a combination of questionnaires, interviews, and discussions, Astute ensures a thorough understanding of Takeda's current state and future aspirations. This iterative and collaborative process not only addresses immediate pain points but also positions Takeda for sustained growth and empowered workforce.

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