Oracle Validated Integrated Solution - FasTest 6.0 for PTF

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    pasted image 0We are very pleased to announce that the latest version of the PeopleSoft Test Automation Tool, FasTest 6.0, is approved by Oracle as an Oracle Validated Integration Solution.

    As most users know, PeopleSoft delivers PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) with PeopleTools that helps with automating PeopleSoft testing. However, the PeopleSoft Test Framework comes with limitations that sometimes make it difficult to use as a standalone product. Knowing this we have developed a new add-on tool, FasTest 6.0, that allows for faster integration, more automation, and removes the complexity of PTF.

    The FasTest Automation Solution is built for all PeopleSoft pillars and offers:

    Automation: Build and edit new test cases and business process tests, execute and schedule test cycles, and track and monitor test logs.

    Defect Management:Create new defects for failed test scenarios, track the defects through their life cycles, send email notifications, and generate defect reports by assignee, module, or test cycle.

    Test Management: Manage and track test execution by user, date, or module; organize a test library in the underlying PeopleSoft Test Framework library, and manage upcoming test cycles. Test reporting: Get up-to-date live test reports on the testing dashboard, analyze test coverage across modules, identify testing logs during a test run, and review defects by module, assignee, or priority.

    FasTest is delivered both Classic and Fluid with an excellent user experience. It works for all application pillars FSCM, HCM, CS, and ELM and all PeopleTools versions above 8.51.

    About Oracle Validated Integration: Oracle Validated Integration provides customers with confidence that a partner's integration with an on-premise Oracle application is functionally sound and performs as designed. This can help customers reduce deployment risk, lower total cost of ownership, and improve the user experience related to the partner's integrated offering.

    Ready to give it a test drive?

    Download our awesome pre-built library of PTF Tests for FREE. If you still have any questions regarding Fastest 6.0, reach out to us!

    Supriya Prabhakara

    Supriya is Team Leader at Astute for Chatbots and Integration with 13+ years of experience working with clients around the globe.

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