Power of Innovation: Developing Applications With Oracle AI

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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the most demanding technology among businesses and customers. All businesses want to leverage the benefits of AI; many companies are working on introducing AI in customer applications.

    Oracle has pioneered this space with its AI-embedded services for businesses around the world. It has opened up a unique approach to Artificial Intelligence by embedding classic and generative AI into its application. Let us walk you through the beneficial factors of using Oracle AI.

    • In-built AI and ML models
      Trained models with industry-trained data that are crafted on the basis of mission-critical use cases.
    • AI-optimized Infrastructure
      It offers built-in insights that help you in SaaS applications, Oracle fusion, and much more.
    • Customizable AI models
      You don’t need to have data science expertise in training the AI models, and you will be able to meet the business requirements cost-effectively.

    Overcome your Business Challenges With AI-Powered Solutions.

    Oracle AI will help you with its powerful capabilities and exceptional functionalities.

    Oracle AI for Business: Use Cases

    • Speech AI

      Oracle Speech AI is a service that comes with the capability of converting audio-based content into text. Its in-built acoustics and language models are designed with perfection, so that the users without having a data science experience can also easily use it. Whether it's an audio file or a video file, Oracle can analyze the data from different files. Additionally, it enables you for integration where you will be able to extend the capabilities of your applications.

      SoundHound is a voice recognition company that has developed a smart ordering service with the help of AI. It has made it possible for restaurants to take orders via customer's voice instead of manually taking the orders and writing them on a piece of paper or computer. With Oracle’s Speech-to-text service, they have established an AI that can learn a restaurant's menu, answer questions, modify the order, and upsell.

    • Application Innovation

      Application Innovation is another solution that Oracle AI offers to its users. It increases the performance of your business and decreases the computing costs. Application Innovation is a cost-effective solution for you because its prices are based on the consumption amount.

      A machine learning research and product lab, Adept has developed a new technology in their business. They have introduced an AI coworker with the help of Oracle AI and NVIDIA GPUs. This unique innovation is helping them extend the capabilities of their applications and the power to innovate frequently.

    Leverage The Power of AI in Customer Applications

    Make your business grow faster with the implementation of AI technology in applications.

    Anomaly Detection

    What if you have an Artificial Intelligence model that can protect your business from critical issues or vulnerabilities? Oracle AI has made it possible for you to provide the intelligence needed to fix the gaps in the security systems.

    A software solution provider, MapleSoft caters to its customers through modeling and calculation solutions. With the help of OCI, they have replaced certain outdated processes and observed the cut down in anomaly detection time. Additionally, they are receiving real-time data through multiple machine sensors and sources.

    Oracle AI

    It is the fusion of your on-premises infrastructure with the capabilities of AI. As a result, you will experience improved productivity, increased efficiency, streamlined processes, and secured and complete ownership to its customers.

    Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) has adopted Oracle AI. It has resulted in reduced numerical simulation time (from 30 days to 5 days), increased efficiency with resources (30% to 50%), and cost-effectiveness (30%).

    Implement Oracle AI in your Business.

    Delve into the advanced features of Oracle AI that offer digital assistant, OCI language, OCI speech, and much more.


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    You can get in touch with us for seamless AI implementation in your company.

    We will help you uncover the AI capabilities and help you leverage the optimum use of Oracle AI in your business. Let’s make the operational tasks easy for your workforce and give a competitive edge to your competitors.

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