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    Most businesses today have market-winning services and products but they lack in efficient data management. Are you one of them?

    Navigate through the following questions and tick the most recurring ones in your mind to know if you fall into that category:

    • How to exploit the full potential of your data and get optimum results from your investment?
    • Have you taken valuable steps to make your organization data-driven enough?
    • Is your team finding it challenging to access and leverage the data they need?

    If you are struggling to overcome these challenges, let us introduce you to the Oracle Modern Data platform

    In this blog, you will learn:

    • Why do you need a Modern Data Platform
    • Specific use cases based on your industry
    • Challenges you might be facing with traditional data management methods
    • Business outcomes that you can expect
    • How Astute will help you in this journey.

    Deploy Oracle Modern Data Platform with Astute!

    Seamless migration, safe and secure consolidation and minimal business disruption.

    Does your industry need a Modern Data Platform?

    You might be one of those people who think “My organization does not need an update to existing data platform as of now.”

    While we understand that migrating from a familiar platform might be overwhelming, the move might open up newer horizons and growth opportunities for your organization.

    You will benefit from a Modern Data Platform if you need to:

    • Modernize your environment while reducing management, risks, and costs.
    • Increase insights from larger data sets, make data and analytics available to all.
    • Migrate open-source data environments to OCI managed service.
    • Migrate and modernize on-premises MySQL apps to cloud with integrated analytics
    • Use Data Science and built-in AI/ML capabilities to understand large and complex data
    • Achieve enhanced security and resilience.

    But why is it necessary for me to choose a modern data platform?

    Initially, upgrading to a modern data platform might feel like a roadblocking step. It is quite the opposite of that.

    Practically, a modern data platform lifts your business outcomes to new heights. Businesses today are making their organization evolve with new data trends, adopt the patterns and deliver better insights. Here’s how the following industries are benefiting from deriving value-packed data:

    Detect and follow up with suspicious activities and providing increased security.

    Optimizing the workload of staff and managing cases with more accuracy.

    Leverage better data models to predict failures and save on costs by accurate prediction of failures.

    Suggest personalized pricing complying with regulations of a country in real-time.

    Improve customer experience with in-store real time tracking and predictions.

    Public sector
    Automating manual tasks such as monitoring traffic and improving security customs and borders.

    How can Modern Data Platform help your business ?

    Talk to Astute professionals to get customized recommendations and expected business outcomes.

    Challenges you might be facing

    Here’s what you might be facing with traditional data platforms:

    • Complex data that holds you back from generating new outcomes.
    • Data that is fragmented and hard to reach at crucial times. Different locations for different data.
    • Inconsistent data that is obsolete now. New data takes so much time to be organized into actionable insights.
    • Struggle to be agile and adapt to changing technologies.

    If this seems normal to you, it’s not. The issue in such a situation is that you are never able to make maximum use of your data and leverage it to drive results. Data from various stages go to different data lakes, warehouses and analytics but a very small percentage of this data ends up as actionable information.

    What if we tell you that there is a data platform that could

    • Automate your tasks
    • Connect data
    • Allow customers to access data the way they want.

    Oracle Modern Data platform offers feature-rich options that allows you to do all of this and much more.

    What can you achieve with Modern Data Platforms

    In the series of our upcoming blogs on Oracle Modern Data Platform, we will help you understand how it is possible for you to achieve the following business outcomes:

    • Increased revenue.
    • Real-time forecasts and automated processes.
    • Reduction in operational costs with automation and preventive maintenance
    • Enhanced user experience of both customers and employees.

    Oracle Modern Data Platform helps you leverage any app from Oracle applications to oracle databases, other databases into any application and achieve integrated data access with security, performance, and governance. This data can be handled by renowned oracle managed cloud services in transaction processing, data warehousing or data lake for security, performance and governance.

    Oracle Modern Data platform boasts a completely multi-cloud capability for users of other clouds and dedicated regions.

    Need help with tapping into the power of unstructured data?

    A major chuck of our data is unstructured. Using newer technologies like AI allows businesses to use unstructured in a novel way through AI vectors.

    AI vectors help you to find similarities between different types of data which makes it easy for you to group similar types of data or differentiate between two non-identical data sets.

    To bolster these capabilities, we can even leverage Generative AI technology to deliver an ultra-personalized experience.

    Based on our conversation with clients globally, this is what drives clients to choose the Oracle Modern Data Platform:

    • Complete and intelligent platform: Empowers your organization through a comprehensive platform by eliminating the need to switch platforms and skillsets.
    • Modular and open approach : Oracle expands your existing or preferred technologies.
    • Meet you where you are: Allows you to deploy anywhere based on your requirements.

    Overcome the challenges of a traditional data platform today!

    Choose Oracle Modern Data Platform for a competitive edge and enhanced business outcomes.

    Migrate seamlessly to a Modern Data Platform

    Astute Business Solutions is an Oracle Certified Cloud Certified Partner specializing in Providing managed cloud services to clients across various industries globally.

    We provide customized Oracle Database services like consoilidation, patching, replatforming and much more. To know how we can help you, reach out to us!

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