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Astute presents a 4-Week Rapid Implementation of PeopleSoft Fluid Travel and Expenses module.

  • Are you evaluating Travel and Expense solutions for your organization?
  • Are you struggling with your current non-PeopleSoft Travel and Expense solution?
  • Are you using PeopleSoft Classic Travel and Expense solution?
If you have answered 'Yes' to any of the above three questions, look no further. Astute Business Solutions has mastered a quick implementation approach that gives customers a robust PeopleSoft 9.2 Fluid Travel & Expense module experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Customers should upgrade from Classic to Fluid T&E?

Answer: PeopleSoft Fluid Travel and Expense gives customers the ability to use this module on any mobile device from anywhere. There are a lot of new cool features which were not present in Classic T&E before:
  • An advantage of Expense report creation and approval with fewer clicks
  • Better control and auditing over Travel and Expense with policy enablement
  • Real-time alerts on Travel and Expense policy changes
  • Ability to itemize hotel bills with the new Hotel Wizard
  • Real-time reporting for every user with enhanced analytics within MyWallet transactions, Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports


Astute Business Solutions

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Astute Business Solutions

Why Customers should we Implement PeopleSoft Travel and Expense?

Answer: Customers can integrate multiple sub-modules with PeopleSoft Travel and Expense. With the latest version of this module, customers get all the mobility functions which provide expense report creation and approval on the go.
What all configuration features does Astute cover as part of their Implementation?
Answer: Astute's Implementation covers all required configuration for the Travel and Expense module. Here are some highlights:
  • Business Unit Setup
  • Expense Type Setup
  • Expense Location
  • Payment Types Setup
  • Approval Workflow setups
  • Payment Destination setup i.e. Account Payable or Payroll
  • GL Template setup for GL account reconciliation
  • Fluid Approval setup for customers on up to PUM 19


What is Astute’s Phased approach?
Answer: PeopleSoft Travel & Expense module comprise of three sub-features:
  • Standard Expense Reports
  • Expense Reports with Cash Advance
  • Expense Reports with Travel Authorizations
There can be phased approach for the implementation of Travel & Expense module based on Geography or features that you want to implement:
  • Astute recommends that customers implement Standard Expense Reports feature first followed by a second and third phase of implementation of Expense Reports with Cash Advance and Expense Reports with Travel Authorizations respectively
  • With multiple Geographies - We recommend that customers should implement Travel and Expense Module for one Geography (Single Currency) first followed by others


Free Demo of PeopleSoft 9.2 Fluid Travel and Expense and Latest PUM Image

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