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PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface (UI) enables the delivery of PeopleSoft applications in a new, intuitive and customizable way across multiple devices (i.e. smartphones, desktops, and tablets). The new Fluid UI uses the technologies like HTML5 and CCS3, and integrates them into the PeopleTools.


Blog Highlights

  1. In-depth conceptual information to set up and configure Fluid.
  2. Learn to customize your Fluid solution by deploying various Fluid theories.
  3. Learn to build Fluid pages and Components with ease.
  4. Understand the optimization of Fluid adoption with respect to your needs.
  5. Assignment samples to be given for practice.
  6. Training manual and other documents to be shared to each of the attendees


Astute Business Solutions

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PeopleSoft Fluid UI Training


Jumpstart Your Fluid Implementation

  1. Fluid Concepts Made Easy
  2. Fluid Kick start - How to setup and configure Fluid
  3. Transition - Classic To Fluid
  4. Getting Started - Prototype your custom fluid solution  
  • Deploying Fluid Concepts
  • Building Fluid Pages and Components AND/OR Fluid Homepages and Dashboards
Astute Makes it Easy!
  1. Offers training on Fluid concepts
  2. Offers training on Delivered Fluid content
  3. Teaches you all about Fluid setups and requisites
  4. Offers a tailored recommendation for an easy transition to Fluid
  5. Helps you build a prototype fluid solution

SSI (Strategy, Support, and Implementation) Solution

In this solution, you will learn:

  1. How to optimize Fluid adoption to your needs
  2. How to address change management when implementing Fluid
  3. How to overcome challenges in Fluid implementation
  4. The best practices when implementing Fluid and more
Astute Makes It Easy!
  1. Provides consultation on Fluid adoption and change management strategy
  2. Provides consultation on Fluid deployment and support
  3. Offers training course on Fluid Development - Technical and Functional

Reporting add-on Solution - Start small with our solution for Fluid Reporting!

With our reporting solution, you will learn:

1. How to convert SQL based static reports to dynamic fluid metrics
2. Building Fluid Homepages and Tiles
3. Building reports as related content on Fluid pages and more..
Astute Makes It Easy!
1. Provides a packaged solution for your reporting needs
2. Offers training course on Fluid Reporting and Analytics
3. Provides consultation for solving your Fluid reporting needs

Let us train you in Fluid UI

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Let us train you in Fluid UI
Supriya Prabhakara

Supriya Prabhakara

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