COPPIN STATE UNIVERSITY - PeopleSoft HCM and Portal UPGRADE on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Coppin State University is a model urban, residential liberal arts university located in the Northwest section of the city of Baltimore that provides academic programs in the arts and sciences, teacher education, nursing, graduate studies, and continuing education.

  • The Challenges
  • The Solution
  • Results Delivered


Aging and Retiring Workforce

Coppin needed to upgrade and integrate its PeopleSoft applications to make them efficient and easier to use. Being a leader in technology themselves, Coppin wanted to leverage Cloud technologies. 

  • Risk of HCM 9.0 going out of support

  • Aging and retiring workforce

  • Attrition resulting in knowledge drain

  • The high cost of on-premise infrastructure


Maintaining Multiple Releases and Security Risks

The Coppin IT Team was supporting PeopleSoft applications across different releases which complicated their operational and support models. FSCM was on V9.2, and Portal (Interaction Hub) was on V9.1, whereas, HCM and CS were both on V9.0. HR users were lacking self-service capabilities which most other organizations were already using. Assistance was needed to upgrade to a modern environment that included a migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

  • Security and compliance risks associated with being on an unsupported PeopleSoft version

  • Inability to patch and update older versions of the software

  • Resource and skills challenges in-house to upgrade to PeopleSoft V9.2

  • HCM 9.0 application with legacy features and antiquated UI



Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

By rapidly deploying a low-cost, high-performance architecture on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Astute Business Solutions accelerated Coppin's upgrade projects, with predictable costs and measurable outcomes. 

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for HCM and Portal Upgrades

  • Automated instance build, tear-down, cloning, and patching

  • Pre-Built PTF Test Library

  • FasTest Automation Tools 


Application Upgrades, Enhanced Workflows, and New Features

Astute Business Solutions implemented a rapid upgrade solution that not only included a technical upgrade, but also gave Coppin much needed upgrades including HCM Fluid UI Self Service, Fluid UI Home Pages for HR, Benefits, and Payroll, and enhanced AWE-based workflow capabilities. Astute helped Coppin understand and adopt new features in HCM V9.2 by conducting CFO workshops and fit-gap analyses to quantify and explain the value of the new features. 

  • Fixed-fee accelerated PeopleSoft Upgrade Service using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Technical and Functional Upgrades including Fluid UI, AWE Workflow and HCM Self Service

  • Automated functional regression testing for V9.2 Upgrade using PeopleSoft Test Framework

  • Vanilla and custom-built PTF Tests and Shell Tests tailored to Coppin's code, configuration, and customization



30% Reduction Costs

Coppin achieved its primary objectives of completing PeopleSoft projects on time with limited staff and resources and offering self-service capabilities in PeopleSoft HCM to its business users by utilizing Astute and OCI.

  • Fluid UI with HCM Self Service

  • On-Time On-Budget projects

  • 30% reduction in HCM 9.2 Upgrade cost

  • Automated testing with PTF


Reduced the Efforts, Time, and Cost of In-house Projects

In spite of losing some of its senior staff to retirement and attrition, Coppin was able to successfully complete its PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Upgrade and Interaction Hub (Portal) PUM Get Current Update projects on time. By avoiding traditional effort, cost, and time overheads of on-premise infrastructure for these projects and instead, focused on delivering business value with the latest Fluid UI, Workflow, and Self-Service capabilities.

  • Burst into Cloud for PeopleSoft projects and avoid on-premise infrastructure overheads

  • Reduce efforts, cost and time for PeopleSoft lifecycle management projects

  • Automate testing with FasTest and PeopleSoft Test Framework for HCM 9.2 Upgrade

  • 1-click instance deployment, cloning, and refresh on OCI


Using Oracle Cloud for PeopleSoft Upgrade,

to gain strategic and tactical advantages


Lower Cost


Higher Performance


Reduced Time


Audit Compliant

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