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HCM PUM 25 – Highlights

PUM Image #25 has been released with many enhancement features and related Ideas those were logged by Oracle customers. Some of the major enhancements are listed below:

Peoplesoft Modernization

a) Time and Labor Fluid Timesheet – Elapsed Time

PeopleSoft delivers modern and intuitive fluid timesheets page which is integrated with the other fluid pages delivered in the previous releases. This allows the users to view daily scheduled hours in the timesheet and also a snapshot view of total scheduled and reported time by day/week/period.

 Time and Labor Fluid Timesheet – Elapsed Time

Time Summary screenshot:
Time and Labor Fluid Timesheet – Elapsed Time

b) Fluid Time approval page:

PeopleSoft delivered a new fluid page for Payable time approvals, screenshot provided below:

Approvals are summarized by Time Reporter, Time Period. Managers can select a row and the see the details and approve the payable time. Managers can drill down into details to adjust the reported time and add comments which the time reporter can view.
Also Allows Mass approval and the action buttons are configurable through the Approval workflow engine framework. (Approve, Deny, Pushback etc)
Fluid Time approval page
c) Data Privacy Enhancements

PeopleSoft HCM PUM 25 provides updates to the data delete which includes:

  • Enhancements to the Person ID delete process
  • A new Applicant ID delete process
The person id delete control page provides more controls to manage the deletion process: Administrators can add exclusion records and configure to stop deletion of data if it exists in certain set of tables.

Data Privacy Enhancements

It also provides flexibility while running the process to skip the controls and only the administrators can run the process with the certain role granted for ID Deletion

 Data Privacy Enhancements
Applicant id deletion control page allows the administrator to add certain tables to be excluded while deleting the applicant data:
 Data Privacy Enhancements

Applicant ID deletion page, allows to delete multiple applicant id information at the same time and also provides option to skip the exclusion records. Also the applicant id delete process updates the applicant id to zero in the tables where the applicant id 


Data Privacy Enhancements
d) Manage Profiles Enhancements

PeopleSoft Manage profiles pages enhancements are released in PUN 25

The Talent Profiles fluid page shows the related items to the content item which has a parent child relationships. It is shown in the additional column and a link is provided to the details to manage the child item.

Manage Profiles Enhancements

Fluid approval page for Talent profiles for Person profiles and Non-Person profiles.

 Manage Profiles Enhancements
e) Global Payroll Fluid Self Service Reporting

Annual reports can be configured in the employee self service for employees to view and download in their systems and mobile devices. The report frame work uses BI publisher to generate reports according to the country formats.

 Global Payroll Fluid Self Service Reporting

f) Enhanced Income Projection for India.

Global payroll for India have been enhanced to consider the future dated terminations while calculating the projected taxes for the earnings for the financial year. This ensures no excessive taxes are deducted for employees with future dated terminations.

 Enhanced Income Projection for India.
g) New Legal changes – CFDI Version 3.3

CFDI Features in Global Payroll Mexico has been enhanced to support the legal changes announced by the Mexican Government.

CFDI Legales Changes 2018

New Legal Changes CFDI Version 3.3

  • Version
  • Voucher Type
  • Payment method
  • CFDI Use
  • Payment type
  • Description
  • Earnings (Other Payments)
  • Deductions (Other Payments)

Legal Changes CFDI (Original String Sequence (XSLT))

Arvind Rajan

Arvind Rajan

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