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    Building a Business Case for Your Move to the Cloud

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    Learn how to pitch Cloud migration to your business from experts who’ve helped dozens of organizations make the switch.

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    Building a Cloud Business Case
    Building a Business Case

    When deciding to migrate to the Cloud, most enterprises are expected to produce a quantified Business Case to justify the impact to the business to internal stakeholders. Lemongrass can help you assemble the Business Case by looking at both the tangible benefits, such as cost savings and service improvements, as well as the intangible savings around access to continuous innovation.

    Building a Cloud Business Case 2
    Discovery Process

    We look at the quantifiable elements of the Business Case and compare these against current spending to produce target expected running costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over a period of time and the potential ROI.

    Building a Cloud Business Case 3
    Optional Migration Assessment

    If you don’t have visibility to all of the costs of hosting internally, or if your business has recently merged or acquired other companies, a Migration Assessment can help you create a model that can estimate your current IT spend and per annum renewal costs. This “real-life” information makes for a much more compelling and complete Business Case.

    Building a Cloud Business Case 4

    Within just two weeks of working with your team, Astute will deliver a Business Case report to your organization. Alternatively, we are also happy to contribute data to your standard company template. Let us help inform your decisions and build a strong Business Case with a detailed cost comparison and other useful statistics and scenarios.

    Why migrate and transform with Oracle cloud?

    Moving your business from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud delivers many benefits. Greater speed, scalability, agility, and reduced costs are just to name a few. However, organizations can lag when it comes to making this switch for a multitude of reasons such as 'we’re too busy or ‘we need to further justify this investment. This inability to adopt change can leave your organization at a competitive disadvantage as you rely on outdated legacy systems and inflexible, un-scalable platforms. That’s why we’ve decided to help you build a business case for Cloud migration in this exclusive workshop from industry experts who’ve been there before. 

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    What Clients have said about migrating to OCI

    University of Santiago, Chile

    Francisco Acuña Castillo, Asistentes Universidad de Santiago de Chile

    “By working with Astute, who has built our managed solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the university is saving $1 million annually compared with competing solutions that we explored. We also benefit from their joint expertise with PeopleSoft and the latest public cloud infrastructure.”

    Gallaudet University

    Daryl Frelich, Director of Enterprise Information Systems

    “Working with Astute Business Solutions has been critical to the success of Gallaudet University’s migration to Oracle Cloud. We chose Astute because of its OCI migration experience, ability to meet aggressive timelines, testing applications, and the overall cost savings of the project. At the end of the day, I wanted to be able to go home at night and not worry about upgrades, migrations, or a reliable disaster recovery plan. By having Astute as a trusted advisor and Managed Service Provider we’ve been able to focus more of our time and resources on our core mission.”



    Scott Doyle, VP of IT Compliant Solutions

    “While SDI has always had a very secure ERP and database environment, Oracle Cloud infrastructure has some additional features that allow us to take that security to a higher level."


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