Business Drivers & Benefits: PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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    The Big Picture

    Today’s businesses have undergone a tremendous transformation in terms of migrating obsolete, on-premise, data centers to a modern day, scalable, and reliable Cloud service model. Oracle offers a robust, unified framework that utilizes these ‘best-in-class’ cloud strategies to seamlessly migrate your PeopleSoft infrastructure and applications to the Cloud platform.

    However, understanding the reasons for adoption to cloud solutions is integral to achieving the desired outcome. While the cloud has proven to be a game-changer for many businesses, here are some of the key drivers for Cloud Service Adoption - model and type that are the best fit for your business. Using this information as part of your cloud strategy could be beneficial.

    Technology Obsolescence

    Obsolete technology Is by far one of the most significant drivers for moving to cloud. Businesses are facing innumerable technological challenges in terms of23 hardware and aging in-house data center infrastructure, outsourced services, absence of formal-level agreements and security models. Shifting to the cloud allows for the complete control of redundant solutions. With skyrocketing upfront capital investments of vendor maintenance contracts, the overheads in the end-of-life management lifecycle are significantly on the increase.


    Agility Is another crucial driver that incorporates the core concepts of flexibility, balance, adaptability, and co-ordination. A cloud computing strategy largely drives business agility by expediting the time-to-market and delivering projects that are critical for revenue growth. Automation in terms of provisioning, de-provisioning and re-deploying resources is better aligned with business objective.

    Data Security

    With the PeopleSoft DB vulnerable to security threats and breaches - internal or external, and security violations due to lack of data encryption are handled on clouding platforms more seamlessly. Hence, you are assured of data security at any given point in time.


    Cost is the overhead incurred in establishing and running a data center and managing hardware and software with lowered IT budgets. The shift to cloud computing allows provisioning of services with the ‘pay-for-what-you-use’ model.

    Oracle Cloud offers PeopleSoft users several viable options in order to help streamline business processes whilst delivering greater business agility, mitigating risks, and lowering costs. Accelerated Speed of Deployment

    Oracle Cloud has the innate ability to deploy and provision the entire PeopleSoft stack and PeopleSoft instances with a single touch. You can deploy pre-built PeopleSoft applications from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and effectively streamline your PeopleSoft environment, accelerate performance, and reduce your labor and time-intensive administrative overheads.

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    Benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    24Automates PeopleSoft Upgrades

    The power of automation largely simplifies upgrades and tools patching with the Oracle Cloud Manager. The move to the cloud has paved way for a new release cadence, and the upgrades are now rendered obsolete with the new avant-garde automated software updates.

    Reduced Operational Costs

    Reduced costs is also a crucial factor in moving PeopleSoft applications to the cloud. With minimal upfront capital investment in hardware on premise, the subscription-based flexibility of the cloud allows end-users to meet the dynamic demands of the business with a large amount of scalability.

    Higher Operational Efficiency

    Operational efficiency is boosted with improvised service levels, quicker turnaround time, and impeccably streamlined internal and external interactions. Oracle Cloud comes with a higher performance capability with options to use VM technology, dedicated instances, and other high-capacity models that largely allow you to target performance on demand and where required.

    Enhanced Security

    Security is paramount when transitioning to the cloud. On-premise solutions come with the onus of maintaining and managing DB encryption ensuring a high level of security. Oracle allows automated encryption of DBs, backups and disaster recovery plans with reduced capital-intensive processes. Database encryption by default provides a fundamental, yet the most critical security to your IT environment.


    Oracle Cloud is purpose-built to run Oracle PeopleSoft applications. Businesses that move to Oracle Cloud reap the benefits of automation, improved efficiency levels, enhanced performance, and a more scaleable, robust application that decreases TCO and increases ROI.

    For more information on how to get started with a Peoplesoft migration or a quick proof to production, schedule a meeting with an Astute team member.

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    Arvind Rajan

    Arvind Rajan is Co-Founder and CEO of Astute Business Solutions. He is leading the expansion of Astute services to include Cloud Managed Services, Disaster Recovery on Cloud, and Integration and Process Automation using Platform Cloud Services.

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