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April 26 - 29, 2021 • Virtual Conference

Lower your TCO by 50% and increase reporting speeds by 10x. Learn how!

SESSION 100730

Before, During, and After Covid - Peoplesoft Runs Better on OCI

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers clear advantages making it a preferred PeopleSoft infrastructure provider. Join us to learn how and why PeopleSoft runs better on Oracle Cloud than AWS, Azure, or GCP. During this session, PeopleSoft cloud experts will take you through the nuances and differences of running PeopleSoft applications on Oracle Cloud versus other cloud vendors. 

Speaker: Arvind Rajan, CEO & Co-Founder



SESSION 101540

UC Berkeley Reduces PUM & Tools Upgrade, Time & Cost using PeopleSoft Test Framework

Join us to hear how the University of California, Berkeley is managing its PeopleSoft Life cycle with test automation. Learn how you can keep current with accelerated and automated test cycles with PeopleSoft Test Framework and reduce PUM regression testing to less than a week. reducing timelines and cost.

Speaker: Supriya Prabhakara, PeopleSoft Team Leader, Astute Business Solutions



Learn How We Solve PeopleSoft Problems!

Datasheet: Lift and Shift PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud

What can you expect by moving to Oracle Cloud? PeopleSoft customers that migrate to Oracle Cloud can expect to experience a 30% to 50% decrease in their total cost of ownership and up to an 85% increase in performance.

Case Study: University of California, Berkeley chooses Astute for PeopleSoft FasTest Automation

Learn how FasTest for PeopleSoft Test Framework automation has positively impacted UCB's business by:

  • Reducing testing timeline by 60%.
  • Allowing functional resources to now focus on other value-added work and not manual testing.
  • Providing real-time test metrics.
  • Decreasing the time it takes to perform PUM upgrades.


Experience: Success Comes When We Collaborate with You

With PeopleSoft on the Cloud, you'll be primed to take advantage of the latest and greatest developments from both the PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud teams. There's never been a better time to experience Oracle Cloud. Let's collaborate!


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